Katanacraft Commercial Vessels are designed specifically for the rigors of high-stress, high-speed and technical waters.

Recognizing the need for an aluminum boat manufacturer specializing in commercial, military and government vessels, Katanacraft began servicing the Commercial sector in 2010. Because we are also operators, we know firsthand what an operator needs—from safety to comfort to durability. We understand the importance of fuel efficiency and avoiding downtime. Our empirical knowledge of shallow technical water gives us a critical edge over our competitors.

From search and rescue to law enforcement to military intervention, Katanacraft vessels must exceed expectations in every area. Because we know crews trust their lives to a Katanacraft boat, we construct each vessel with impeccable precision.

As a government/commercial client, we invite you to participate in the customization process for the positioning and configuration of the user interface, design and vessel features. From seats to steering wheels, to controls, radios and radar, Katanacraft works with you to find the most ergonomically sound and comfortable location for each piece. You become a part of our process as we design a vessel uniquely tailored to your needs.

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