Katanacraft in the Pacific Northwest

A tradition of craftsmanship and design goes into every Katanacraft vessel.


Katanacraft was created out of Hellgate Jetboat Excursions, a family-owned company that operates commercial jetboat tours on rivers in the United States and has been manufacturing vessels for its fleets since 1959. One of the first jetboat companies in the nation, Hellgate Jetboat Excursions has become an industry leader in boat building for shallow and technical water.

Recognizing the need for an aluminum boat manufacturer specializing in shallow water commercial, military and government vessels, Katanacraft began servicing external customers in 2010 and now creates aluminum vessels for deep and shallow operating environments known for their safety, durability and reliability.

With over a half-century of experience, cutting-edge engineering and technology, superior materials and a strong commitment to safety and excellence, Katanacraft produces the highest-performing vessels, small craft boats, floating docks and pontoons for the marine industry. Katanacraft also offers expert consulting and industry educational programs

Katanacraft works closely with every individual customer to meet their custom marine needs. We pride ourselves on the safety, durability and reliability of our vessels and delivering the finest quality product for the best possible price. A Katanacraft vessel will offer substantial savings in maintenance costs and boat repair over the life of the vessel.


As owner operators we are proud to have a building team that understands which marine equipment, accessories, construction methods and materials will meet each of our individual customer needs. Katanacraft is well-known for its unique expertise in shallow and technical water, manufacturing fabricated metal boats capable of operation in as little as 4 to 6 inches of water, and specializing in heavy payload over shallow waters.

Because we are also operators, we know firsthand what an operator needs—from safety to comfort to durability. We understand the importance of fuel efficiency and avoiding downtime. Our empirical knowledge of shallow technical water gives us a critical edge over our competitors.

This expertise informs not only our vessel designs but also our educational programs. We are proud to train US Navy SEALs and other groups on shallow technical water operations.

We bring over a half-century of experience designing, constructing, and operating shallow water boats on one of the most technical rivers in the country—the wild and scenic Rogue River.